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Dr. Michelle feels strongly that for us to grow emotionally and enrich our lives, we need to cultivate a curiosity and appreciation of the arts in the form of our own self expression and that of others. This vision is nurtured through her sponsoring local artists whose work is on display at The Loft. Dr. Michelle believes strongly that into everyone’s world, a little art must fall and is of the mind that both a beautiful and thoughtful environment encourages the development of personal beauty, both inside and out.

Phil Eastman Featured Artist

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Biography : Phil Eastman

fallonAbout two years ago, Phil was thinking about killing himself. A means to put an end to a crippling depression brought about by dwindling finances, lost love, and a chemical imbalance that veered toward the dark. In short, shit looked pretty bleak.

“Come to Wyoming,” his father told him over the phone that night. “Come tomorrow, if you want.”

And so he did.

His father, once a distant figure in his life, had in recent years become a close friend, support and confidante. Making his life on a 500-acre property in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming, his father’s ranch existed in a paradigm unfamiliar to Philip. Daily life was dedicated to tending the grass crop, caring for the nine equally stunning horses—all of them part of a summertime Equine Therapy program for veterans and members of the Wyoming Boys School—and rebuilding the 100-year-old cabin on the property. Work was long. Weather was extreme. Sunsets were unreal. Phil slept more deeply than he had in years.

The experience brought Phil back to life, infused him with a curiosity about the world outside his urban bubble in Los Angeles. His eye, long since dulled by apathy, began to see his surroundings with a wider scope. Colors heightened. Textures, lines and contours seemed more vivid.

Phil began taking Iphone photos, and after wrestling over the limitations of low-resolution photography, pulled his dusted 35 mm Nikon out from storage and began to teach himself how to use his instrument for the first time since high school. He brought it on road trips to the Southwest, national parks, and again to that ranch in the sunlight corridor of Wyoming. Today, it follows him nearly everywhere.

Jason Fallon Featured Artist January 20, 2014

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Rima Muna The Loft Featured Artist

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Before we parted

Biography : Rima Muna

fallonBorn in Lebanon, Rima Muna lives and paints in California. Raised in a diverse cultural background, Rima’s work is influenced by her love of travel. Places like Bali (Indonesia), Andalusia (Spain) and San Miguel de Allende (Mexico) have been symbolic in creating Rima’s intense palette of deep, rich colors.

After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Design (emphasis in graphic design and photography) and a Masters of Education degree in Art, Rima started focusing on painting in 2006.

Her style is influenced by the abstract expressionists who believed that non-representational painting could express spiritual and emotional truths. Rima approaches her paintings with a passionate immediacy and you are left looking at the energetic expressions on canvas.

As a former piano player and vocalist, music is one of the greatest inspirations for Rima. Spirituality and nature act as points of inspiration and undercurrents in her work.

She has exhibited in Southern California, Singapore and Hong Kong and has sold to collectors worldwide.

Jason Fallon The Loft Featured Artist January 20, 2014

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Biography : Jason Fallon

fallonJason Fallon grew up in NH and is a New England sports fan junky. After graduating from High School and attending college for a couple years at Southern NH University; he realized it was time for a change and decided to move to Los Angeles, CA to pursue a career in acting and entertainment.

After living in Los Angeles for 7 years it wasn’t until March of 2010 that Jason discovered his talent and love for painting. His paintings were inspired from the birth of breast cancer in his mother Cheryl Fallon. For a month no one knew what type she had or where the cancer originated from. Being away from family Jason needed an outlet to pour out his emotions. These emotions poured out on card board, wood, canvas and anything he could get his hands on. Right away friends and family noticed his immediate love and undiscovered talent for painting.

Jason’s mother is in remission and working towards her 4th year cancer free. With over 60 paintings sold in less than 4 years Jason’s hobby is turning quickly into a fruitful career.

Sharon Lee The Loft Featured Artist September 1 – December 31, 2013

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Biography : Sharon Lee

Sharon Lee is a Los Angeles, CA native, and has studied fine art from a young age. She attended UCLA art school, and received her Masters of Interior Architecture from UCLA/Cal Poly. After working in the field as a perspective rendering artist and interior designer, most notably for Michael S. Smith, Sharon decided to pursue her true passion full time – painting. Inspired by her mother who is an accredited Korean Folk Art painter, Sharon took classes in Min Hwa to research the traditional techniques. Sharon blends traditional forms with her signature hand-carved block printing and painting process, incorporating deep, rich color pigments with seductive gold and silver leaf. Sharon has been prolific in this body of work, and exhibited her paintings at a solo exhibition at the Korean Education Center, Los Angeles in December 2012. Her work from the show was featured in the Korea Times. Feeling called to take a step further and design product that could bring the Korean aesthetic to the forefront of the interior design world, she founded Sharon Lee Studio – Art for Use or Delight, a specialty design house creating fine handmade wallpapers. The wallpaper designs are each born from an original painting, and feature hand painted textures and exquisite metallics. The hand-screened wallpapers have the effect of intricately hand painted walls. Sharon Lee Studio wallpapers are truly artwork for the walls – classic, fresh, whimsical, and unafraid of pattern and color. It is art for use or delight. Sharon Lee Studio wallpaper is available at Harbinger, Los Angeles, and Holland & Sherry, New York. The wallpaper will be featured in Luxe Magazine and LA Confidential Magazine this fall. Please visit for more information on both the artwork and wallpaper.

Justin Davanzo The Loft Featured Artist April 5 – August 31, 2013

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Biography : Justin Davanzo

Justin Davanzo has been a photographer all his life…he just didn’t realize it until 12 years ago. The eyes through which he sees the world are a throwback to the early 20th Century photographers who were simply documenting life on the street as they saw it. The term for this was flâneur and literally meant “to wander without a goal, at random; to move forward without hurrying.” These chance encounters whilst wandering with a camera gave new life to the world around. Justin’s way of seeing the world is better summed up by Peter Galassi, the chief curator in the Department of Photography at the Museum of Modern Art in New York as he points out the particular style of flâneur photographers, the likes of Cartier-Bresson, Robert Doisneau, and Marc Riboud as such: “…wandering the streets without destination, but with a premeditated alertness for the unexpected detail that will release a marvelous and compelling reality just beneath the banal surface of ordinary experience.” Through Justin’s flâneur style of photography, we begin to see all things in a new light from the every day items we pass by on a daily basis to the well designed forms we all know so well. Justin brings a relaxed awareness to his process and to the finished product by constantly staying attuned to the dynamic environments in order to elicit a split second observational response that sets his photos apart. Even the welcome challenge of a planned photo subject or commercial shoot is looked at from the same philosophy. By not constricting his creative vision to a particular outcome, the photos that evolve from any session find their voice through a sense of intense focus and organic movement. Often the photographic results are completely unexpected yet perfectly planned. When all the elements come together during a photo walk or shoot, time is no longer an element and the outcome is a collision of time and space through the split second intuitive trust of the wandering photographer. Please visit www.justindavanzophotography.comfor more.

Gus Harper The Loft Featured Artist December 1, 2012 – March 31, 2013

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Biography : Gus Harper

Gus Harper was born and raised in Santa Monica. For the last twelve years he has worked full time as an artist. His first show was at Ground Zero in Marina Del Rey, and since then has shown his work in New York, Denver, New Orleans, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, as well as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA ARSG). His best known work is from the series, “Signs of A Benevolent Universe”. His most recent solo show “Fade To White” is currently on display at The Artwork Network in Denver, Colorado. Harper’s work can also be seen on the sets of Dexter, Modern Family, Up All Night, New Girl, CSI Las Vegas, Dallas and other popular television shows. He maintains a studio in Culver City where he is preparing for a one man show in February. His art can be viewed at

Charles Swenson The Loft Featured Artist August 1 – October 31, 2012

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Biography : Charles Swenson

Charles Swenson was born and raised in Los Angeles. He attended both the Art Center and the Chouinard Art Institute where he graduated with honors. Swenson’s first work experience was as a junior designer with the Charles Eames design office where he did everything from puppet design to the construction of a multi-plane camera for the 17-screen computer controlled film made for the IBM Exhibit in the 1965-66 New York World’s Fair. He next replaced Jimmy Murakami as principal animation designer for Filmfair, a Los Angeles commercial production company. Swenson’s next move was to join Murakami and partner Fred Wolf in their production company. As partner in Murikami/ Wolf/ Swenson, Charles worked on a large variety of projects from commercials to theatrical releases. His work for television includes: Harry Nillson’s The Point, ABC’s first movie of the week, Peter Yarrow’s Puff the Magic Dragon and Strawberry Shortcake, The Blinkins and Carlton Your Doorman. Swenson’s feature work during this time included: The Magic Pear Tree, which was his first short film and an Academy Award Nominee in 1968. Other Film work includes, The Naked Ape for Universal Pictures, Dirty Duck for New World Pictures and The Mouse and His Child for Sanrio. Mr. Swenson left for San Francisco to join John Korty on his LucasFilm project Twice Upon A Time, using a highly acclaimed computer controlled cut-out technique. Then it was back to Los Angeles to join Klasky Csupo and work as Creative Director on Rugrats, Santo Bugito and Aahhh!! Real Monsters. He won many awards for this work including an Emmy for Best Children’s Program, a Humanitas Award and a Cable Ace Award. Swenson then pursued his own projects working as Executive Producer-Writer- Creator of Mike, Lu and Og for Cartoon Network and Bookashkis, a short film that has won over 20 awards world-wide. Charles currently divides his time between his life-long passion of painting and his various projects in development here and abroad. Additionally, he sits on the board of directors of the Chouinard Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to bringing low cost, high quality art education to the inner-city youth of Los Angeles. In addition to his show at The Loft, Charles Swenson’s work as a painter is currently showing at The Hive, part of the downtown Los Angeles alternative art scene and Maji Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.